Ask for the help of a Mentor

Do you want to set up your own business but don’t know how to go about it? Have you got a business idea but don’t know how to turn it into a company? Would you like to have someone with more experience help you start your business?

Since 2003 MicroLab has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business through its Business Mentoring courses with a national network of Voluntary Mentors.

Mentoring describes a one-on-one relationship in which a person with fewer skills and less experience, the Mentee, is offered support during a learning process and/or development course by another person with more experience and skills who acts as their Mentor.

MicroLab Business Mentors help and support aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • in the phase in which the sustainability of the business idea is analyzed;
  • in the initial start-up and/or development phases of the business activities.

Write to us to present your business idea so one of our Mentors can help you with it for free.