Metti a disposizione di chi ne ha bisogno le tue competenze: aiuta un aspirante imprenditore a realizzare la sua impresa!


Microlab Business Mentor Volunteers help young people, micro-entrepreneurs and people belonging to vulnerable population groups to carry out their business activities through Business Mentoring.

The Mentor, thanks to its greater experience, supports, assists and encourages Mentee, exploring new business opportunities with him, evaluating growth potentials, helping him to achieve his goals. This occurs through the creation of a relationship of trust between the Mentor, an expert person,  and the Mentee, a person who wants to get involved, but experiences a disadvantage, for inexperience or other discomforts, which can compromise the success of his business.

According to Alberto, one of our most famous voluntary Mentors, the main reasons for collaborating with the MicroLab Association that give him the greatest satisfaction, are:

  • being able to use one's business skills to the full to help people in difficulty
  • becoming part of a national network of qualified Mentors
  • working in a dynamic environment, rich in entrepreneurial qualities
  • collaborating with a team of motivated young people
  • being able to pass on one’s knowledge to the new generation
  • hearing and sharing tales from many walks of life (from a kebab takeaway to a beauty farm, a craftsman, a street trader) making the most of experience gained over the years
Mentor MicroLab

I nostri Mentor: profilo e competenze

Davide Fabbro

MicroLab Association Mentors have the following characteristics:

  • company management skills
  • they know how to use accounting and planning tools (Cash Flow, Income Statement, Budget)
  • ability to monitor and assess economic activities
  • company management/administration/consulting experience
  • communication, listening and speaking skills
  • the ability to operate in a variety of business contexts
  • a natural bent for teaching and training


MicroLab Voluntary Mentors perform the following mentoring activities:

Mentoring for business start-up:

  • studying the business idea
  • support when preparing a Business Plan

Mentoring after business start-up:

  • checking company progress
  • analysis of any deviation from the initial Business Plan
  • establishing corrective actions and setting new goals

Mentors are asked to agree to a minimum availability of 8 hours/month in which they dedicate their time to Mentoring. The mentoring is done in regular sessions with entrepreneurs.

Mentors can also provide business training for young people under 35 or students before they leave secondary school as part of the Up to Youth and Transition from School to Work projects.

MicroLab Business Mentoring

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