Joint the M-UP Labs: learn how to support migrant entrepreneurs and present a proposal to European donors thanks to an organisations network.

Join the M-UP Labs: learn how to support migrant entrepreneurs and make a proposal with the M-UP network. The M-UP Labs are a free initiative open to European organisations working to support migrant entrepreneurs all around the world.


We can host a maximum of 42 participants so find up quickly. Registration with the form on the bottom. Deadline to register: 20th Sept. 19 

You will learn to use tools and tricks to support migrant entrepreneurs, such as 

  • Business model team framework
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Business Model canvas
  • Prototyping
  • Develop a solid business case
  • Proposal writing and Pitch. 

For details:

When is it? 

The labs are held online, over six 2 h sessions (one kick-off, for labs, one delivery) between October and December 2019. Kick-off 30th September.

Who is it for?

  • Are you working in a small organization to support migrant entrepreneurs? 
  • Are you curious about practical tools and examples on how you can support them by promoting new services of capacity building?
  • Are you always looking for new efficient and international partners to learn from each other? 
  • Do you want write a proposal using practical tools and your network of partners?

Those labs are just for YOU!  

Why is it interesting for you?

  • Collaborate the network of M-UP partners and organisations 
  • Learn and use practical tools 
  • Participate in a call of proposal 

What is it? 

EVALUATION LAB– Goal: Exchange practices among groups and propose tools+frameworks

How to evaluate the team:  The Business Model Team Framework – Evaluate the value proposal -Value proposition canvas – Customer-value fit -Vision/mission/values evaluation

METHODOLOGY LAB– Goal: transfer best practices, tools and attitudes/ mindsets to entrepreneurs

How to use the business model canvas framework – Prototyping/MVP and experimentation Can you innovate? Where? – Ten types of innovation model

IDEA GENERATION LAB: Goal: Brainstorming sessions 

Context mapping – generation selection/analysis – Action planning

PROPOSAL WRITING LAB: Goal: how to develop a solid business case

Proposal writing – Preparation of the final pitch

Who are the expert? 

Paolo di Napoli

Paolo di Napoli

Father, engineer and materials scientist, trainer, innovator. As training specialist in soft skills I highlight a distinct attitude towards the experimental nature of business. Prototyping and modeling innovation paths in great corporations as well as for startups and social enterprises constitute today my main focus, my professional and personal challenges. I am the project manager of a local community workshop and maker space since 2013, the year in which I decided to disruptively shift my professional path in engineering reasearch to a more training-oriented professional career, with a special attention to soft skills, among which creativity and change-making mindsets are my bread and butter. I love playing with my beautiful little daughter, and also getting lost with my bicycle, playing guitar, watch TV series, fixing and inventing stuff, eating good food and hiking on the beautiful Alps near Turin. 

Linkedin: Paolo Di Napoli

Irene Maina

Irene Maina

Over 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector as volunteer, staff, consultant; mainly focused on Organisational & Volunteer Development, Intercultural Education & Training, International Development Cooperation, Project Writing. After graduating in International Sciences at the University of Turin, she has worked in Italy, Sweden and Senegal. She is now working as Training Manager in a network of NGOs and ICT professionals. She believes that change takes time and requires constant commitment and dreams a world where NPOs are appreciated for their outstanding competences, professionalism and effectiveness. 

LinkedIn: Irene Maina

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