Cos'è il mentoring

The term Mentoring describes a one-on-one relationship in which a person with fewer skills and less experienced, the Mentee, is offered support during a learning process and/or development course by another person who’s an expert with the right skill set acting as their Mentor.

Through a mentoring course, with moments to reflect on the things learned, practical support and encouragement, the Mentor helps the Mentee to develop and improve a new or existing business, by making their own skills and experience available.

Reciprocal trust and respect are an essential part of Mentoring: in fact, it’s an objective relationship in which both sides can learn something new, comparing different ideas for professional and personal development.

In particular, MicroLab Business Mentors help and support aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • in the phase in which the sustainability of the business idea is analyzed
  • in the initial start-up and/or development phases of the business activities.
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