Youth Business Italy

The MicroLab Association has been an Italian member of the global network of independent non-profit organisations called Youth Business International (YBI) since 2013. The network, of which The Prince of Wales is President, currently has 45 members based in the same number of countries in 5 continents. All the members are non-profit organisations that help young people start their business, offering mentoring courses, services to support and help people get backing for new “startup” initiatives.

The Youth Business Italy (YBItaly) project started in 2013, with the aim of developing and improving support for young people (18-35 years old) who want to start a business. This is done through free training and mentoring courses offered by a national network of Voluntary Business Mentors.

youth business italyYBItaly’s goal is to create a continuative national programme offering support for young people who want to start a business, to fight the problem of youth unemployment.

For 2013-2014 the project was backed by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation and Accenture with the support of YBI.

For 2018 and 2019, MicroLab will continue the Youth Business Italy project, within the scope of the more extensive Youth Business Europe scenario, with the following goals:

– offering business training to 700 young people under 35 through the “Up to Youth” project and the "Put yourself to the test: the future is yours " project for secondary school leavers;

– recruiting and training 100 new Mentors to assign to young businessmen and women;

– support the development of 150 new businesses through Business Mentoring.


Youth Business Italy pursues its goals with the following activities:


YBItaly gives young entrepreneurs the chance to be assisted by a Mentor who, thanks to their professional and personal experience, can provide valuable support during the various phases of the start-up and development of a business. Are you a young entrepreneur who needs the help of a person with more experience to start or develop your business idea?   Ask one of our Mentors for help.


YBItaly periodically organises business training courses for the young businessmen and women of the future who want to develop their business ideas but must also expand their knowledge on “how to do business”. The YBItaly initiatives can involve groups or individuals, e-learning courses, practical workshops, etc. The Up to Youth courses are currently held in several Italian cities! Find out when the next Up to Youth course will be held.

Youth Business Europe

Youth Business International (YBI) and the Citi Foundation back the Youth Business Europe partnership, established in 2015 to help young people start a business.

In its first two years (2015-2017) the project exceeded all expectations, helping over 2,490 young people set up and develop their own businesses. The program also provided entrepreneurial training for over 9,000 young people with a targeted mentoring course for over 850 young entrepreneurs.

During the first two years of the YBI/Citi Foundation partnership, in Italy the MicroLab Association (Youth Business Italy) offered support both before and after business start-up to over 500 young people from 18 to 35 years old in 10 Italian regions, and supported the start-up of over 341 businesses. It held “Up To Youth” business start-up training courses in fifteen Italian cities.

With its multi-country approach, Youth Business Europe makes it possible to share best practices, know-how and methodologies.

The new partnership, for 2018-2019, includes YBI members from nine different countries: MicroStart in Belgium, Positive Planet and Adie in France, KIZ in Germany, the MicroLab Association in Italy, Qredits in The Netherlands, Youth Business Spain in Spain, NyforetagarCentrum in Sweden, InnerCitry Enterprise in Ireland and IBLF in Russia.

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Over the next two years the Youth Business Europe project will:

– offer business training to 8,700 young people;

– help over 2,500 young people start and develop their own business;

– Set up over 1,000 business mentoring relationships.

As a result, these new entrepreneurs will in turn be able to create new jobs for other young people.


Do you have a business idea, but don't know how to develop it?

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