M-UP is a network that brings together over 20 expert organisations from across Europe to help migrants navigate the challenges of turning their existing micro-business into a successful small to medium-sized enterprise. To help migrant entrepreneurs set up thriving businesses and make those positive contributions to European societies, Youth Business International (YBI) along with SPARK and YBI members MicroLab, KIZ, and Youth Business Spain sub-member Autoocupació founded the M-UP Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale up and Grow Acting as an intermediary between migrants and expert organisations, M-UP partners promote best practices, share information, and offer a platform to advocate for migrant entrepreneurs’ opportunities in front of European institutions.

As part of this programme, MicroLab created the M-UP learning labs. These are online events aimed at recognising, analysing, and evaluating best practices and tools, fostering knowledge-exchange, and simulating proposal writing in line with European institutions’ criteria and objectives. So far, there have been three learning labs that encouraged fruitful exchanges between 36 member organisations, entrepreneurs, experts, and project managers from EU organisations.

M-Up Labs Toolkit was born from the work carried out during these labs, to share with other organizations the best tools to help migrant entrepreneurs.

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